Fabric Wrapped Acoustical Panels

Affordable and Attractive Acoustical Panels by LBI Boyd

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Product Features

Environmental / Safety

  • Manufactured in California, giving fast Lead Times and low price
  • Can be wrapped in any standard fabric, or LBI Boyds popular Lucid fabrics
  • Fiberglass or EcoCore polyester cores
  • NRC between 0.45 to 1.05
  • Class A Fire rated
  • 60% post consumer EcoCore core option

Acoustical Panel Systems presents a line full of versatility for all your acoustical needs. APS’s well-rounded line includes but is not limited to acoustical panels, tack-able surfaces, communication surfaces, noise barriers, baffles, and clouds. All are custom made to your specifications right here in Southern California. The sound choice for APS is Eco Core! This acoustical sound control panel is made from 100% polyester (60% recycled), does not promote mildew, is odor – dust and formaldehyde free and comes with a class A fire rating! Please visit their website for documentation, product images, and more.