WHITELINE Ceiling Tiles by pinta acoustic, inc.

Product Features

  • – Class A/1 fire rated melamine foam

  • – NRC 0.75

  • – Dimensions ranging from 24″ by 24″ to 48″ by 96″

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If you’re ready to bring innovative beauty, acoustical excellence and logistical advantages to your design, choose Whiteline tiles. They are the optimum choice for today’s ceilings.

Now there’s a new standard in ceiling tiles, Whiteline. These contemporary white tiles have a distinctive smooth finish that’s a total departure from the ceiling tiles of the past. 

Built from a unique willtec foam core, Whiteline tiles are lightweight, guaranteed not to sag and offer superb sound absorption. They are available in a variety of dimensions and can be integrated into any conventional ceiling suspension grid. This makes them extremely easy to install. 

Whiteline ceiling tiles are thin and lightweight making them much more affordable to ship. The minimum product thickness of 3/8″ as opposed to the usual 3/4″ substantially reduces your freight charges. 

Whiteline has a smooth felt finish and bright appearance. These ceiling tiles come in a range of dimensions including custom sizes. They are lightweight because of their innovative willtec foam core, making them affordable to ship and easy to store. Whiteline ceiling tiles provide sound absorption of 0.75, and the white side has a light reflectance rating of 0.89. You can install them easily into any conventional ceiling suspension grid.