HARMONI Ceiling Tiles by pinta acoustic, inc.

Product Features

  • – Class A/1 fire rated melamine foam

  • – NRC 0.90

  • – Panels come in 24″ by 24″ and 24″ by 48″ and 2″ thickness

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If you’re looking for aesthetic flair, sound absorption, and functionality at an affordable price, Harmoni tiles are designed to deliver. Their combined attributes make them a unique and welcome architectural option.

Harmoni Ceiling Tiles are the natural choice when you’re looking for a way to combine contemporary styling with excellent acoustical control at a moderate price. 

pinta acoustic’s Harmoni tiles are built from out exclusive and lightweight willtec foam, making for easy installation and excellent sound absorption across all frequencies. The tiles are available in two styles, each with a tegular edge. The Vista pattern has a smooth surface for a clean look while the Tartan pattern provides a softly sculpted style. 

Harmoni tiles are HPC coated in all standard colors for easy cleaning and durability. Since Harmoni Ceiling Tiles are naturally mold-resistant and fire-retardant, extra protective coatings are not needed. 

Harmoni tiles are made from pinta’s innovative fiber-free willtec foam. willtec is a lightweight, open-cell melamine foam that provides excellent acoustical control. Harmoni tiles also have a HPC coated surface that adds durability, prevents dirt/dust penetration and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Tiles are designed to fit any standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid system.