Sonex Classic Foam Panels

Sonex Classic panels feature a modified anechoic wedge design for cost-effective, yet impressive sound control. The unique geometric shape of the surface pattern on these panels provides optimum absorption, making them an excellent choice for recording and broadcast studios.

Sonex Pyramid Foam Acoustical Panel

Sonex Classic panels can also be used in listening rooms, restaurants, production areas and other locations where sound absorption is critically important. Panels offer excellent acoustical control across all frequencies with Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) ranging from 0.75 to 0.80.

Made of a Class 1 fire-rated willtec foam, Sonex Classic panels are available in natural, painted, or Colortec finishes. Panels are generally are arranged with an alternating male and female pattern.

Sonex Classic Colortec panels use a process through which the entire thickness of the foam panel is dyed a deep charcoal. These panels are especially appropriate for high-traffic areas.

Sonex Classic panels are easy to install on any wall and/or ceiling surface with PA-02 adhesive. Can be cut in the field using a sharp knife.
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Color Size Thickness Sheets/Box Coverage NRC Price/Box
Natural Grey Foam 24" x 48" 2" 8 64 sq.ft. 0.80 $266
Natural White Foam 24" x 48" 2" 8 64 sq.ft. 0.80 $327
Charcoal Colortec 24" x 48" 2" 8 64 sq.ft. 0.75 $320
Standard HPC Colors 24" x 48" 2" 8 64 sq.ft. 0.95 $428
Premium HPC Colors 24" x 48" 2" 8 64 sq.ft. 0.95 $461

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