Prospec Composite Panels

Prospec Composite combines the acoustical absorption benefits of Sonex foam with the noise containment capabilities of non-reinforced barrier into one product.

Sonex Prospec Composite Foam & Barrier

Prospec Composite panels consist of: a 1" thick layer of willtec foam to absorb noise - followed by a 1/8" thick noise barrier to contain noise and reduce sound transmission - backed with a willtec foam decoupler to provide air space between the barrier and the mounting surface for optimal noise containment.

These panels come standard with a Sonex mini sculpted surface and a grey HPC facing for easy clean-up. Prospec Composite is an attractive solution for absorbing and containing noise and vibrations in many different types of settings.

We have options for polyurethane foam, 3mm thick urethane coating and pressure sensitive adhesive available. Please call for more details.

Prospec Composite panels are easy to install on any wall and/or ceiling surface with PA-02 adhesive.
Product Data Sheet

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Style Size Thickness Surface Colors Panels/Box Coverage Price/Box
Foam 24" x 48" 1" Lt. Grey 12 96 sq.ft. $321
Composite 24" x 48" 1-3/8" Lt. Grey 2 16 sq.ft. $161

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