Noise-Lock Acoustic Doors

Product Features

  • – STC options ranging from 43 to 64

  • – Full factory assembly and functional testing

Order a standard door online now or Call us at (800) 801-9378 and let us help you fit Noise-Lock Acoustic Doors into your project.

IAC Acoustics produces an engineered system – factory assembled complete with a leaf, split-frame, seals, hinges and hardware. All doors are pre-hung for operational alignment, fit and finish before shipping.

Noise-Lock Doors are laboratory-tested for performance in both IAC R&D facilities and independent laboratories, further supported by installed site testing. IAC Acoustics is renowned for quality, durability and guarantees in-field performance.

To quickly get a quote for a door, check out the IAC Acoustics Quick Ship Door program, which can get you a standard Noise-Lock Door within 15 business days. For more information of the program, refer to the Quick Ship Door Program data sheet.