clear-PEP® UV PC

Product Features

  • – Beautiful lighting effects

  • – Durable and lightweight

  • – Wide range of customization options

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Durability meets design in Moxie Surfaces’ clear-PEP® UV PC panels. clear-PEP®’s unique design is characterized by a translucent honeycomb structure formed by robust yet lightweight TRI-core and polycarbonate layers that provide unique 3D lighting effects as well as extreme rigidity.

clear-PEP® UV PC panels have a wide range of architectural and decorative applications that offer attractive alternatives to traditional surfacing materials such as laminates and tile. These lightweight and sturdy panels are fully customizable with array of facing sheets varying in texture and color. clear-PEP® UV PC panels can be further modified in regards to surface, core structure, shape, curvature and special effects.

From tasteful accent walls and sophisticated office partitions, to ultramodern backlit countertops – the possibilities are endless with clear-PEP® panels.

The clear-PEP® UV PC range includes clear-PEP® UV PC Color, clear-PEP® UV PMMA satin, and clear-PEP® UV PC stage.


clear-PEP® color panels are the ultimate decorative architectural and design elements. These translucent, lightweight panels are available in a variety of attractive colors which can be used to create multi-colored 3D light scattering effects.

Available in: Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue


clear-PEP® UV satin panels are slightly textured and less transparent but retain the optical qualities and translucency of the other clear-PEP® panels. The matte finish on these panels is available in an array of colored UV-protected PMMA facing sheets.

Available in: Clear, Opal, Orange, Glass Green, Ice Blue, Grey


clear-PEP® UV PC Stage panels combine a rigid patented polycarbonate TRI-core cell structure with semi-transparent, UV-protected PC facing sheets. The facing sheets feature a grain texture that provides added scratch and slip resistance. Due to their added rigidity and slip-resistant surface, these panels are particularly suitable as backlit floor panels, walkways, stages, platforms, and exhibition bases.