AIR-board® UV PC

Product Features

  • – Beautiful lighting effects

  • – Durable and lightweight

  • – Wide range of customization options

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AIR-board® UV PC combines AIR-board®’s lighting benefits with unmatched durability. These multipurpose architectural panels feature polycarbonate facing sheets bonded by a rigid honeycomb core, making them lightweight and exceptionally resilient.

With high-bending strength and thermal insulation, AIR-board® UV PC has a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. This paneling system is available in a range of attractive facing sheet options to customize the function and lighting effects created by the transparent honeycomb structure in the core of the panels.

AIR-board® UV PC can be used to create stunning shop displays, illuminated partitions, colorful exhibition platforms, and much more. AIR-board® UV PC’s weather resistant properties make it ideal for outdoor design applications and exterior architectural elements.

The AIR-board® UV PC range includes AIR-board® UV PC color and AIR-board® UV PMMA satin.


AIR-board® UV PC color panels produce stunning 3D light scattering effects. These lightweight and durable multipurpose panels are available in an array of exquisite colors.

Available in: Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue


AIR-board® UV PMMA satin panels remain translucent but are less transparent due to the satin finish. The matte texture on the panels’ acrylic facing sheets makes them scratch-resistant and robust, while optimizing their light scattering effects.

Available in: Clear, Opal, Orange, Glass Green, Ice Blue, Gray