AIR-board® Acoustic

Product Features

  • – Beautiful lighting effects

  • – NRC ranging from 0.30 to 0.80 depending on mounting

  • – Wide range of customization options

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AIR-board® Acoustic lets light in while reducing echo and reverberation. These multipurpose architectural panels integrate striking interior design with a sound absorption between 0.30 – 0.80, depending on material thickness and mounting.

The newly-developed modular profile system consists of a rigid honeycomb core structure sandwiched by translucent, UV-stable polycarbonate facing sheets. The translucent honeycomb design gives these acoustic panels stunning 3D light scattering effects. The high-quality thermoplastic composition gives AIR-board® Acoustic exceptional durability, making it an ideal architectural component with a range of innovative applications.

These multipurpose panels are extremely versatile and can be individually designed with modification options for color, shape, surface, curvature, and special effects. From design-savvy desk partitions in a modern office, to contemporary overhead lighting fixtures in a chic restaurant – the possibilities with AIR-board® Acoustic are infinite.