Moxie Surfaces

Colorful light diffusion

Translucent internal cell structures give Moxie’s multifunctional architectural panels unique light transmission properties including backlighting, light absorption and stunning light scattering effects. West General is a proud representative of Moxie Surfaces’ range of design-focused architectural finishing materials.

Not only are they visually striking design elements, Moxie Surfaces’ translucent architectural panels also boast an exceptionally robust and stiff structure. All of Moxie’s products have outstanding durability and are tested for rigidity, making them excellent architectural components for both interior and exterior spaces.

With various facing sheet options, Moxie Surfaces’ products allow for endless customization. From color and core design, to shape and thickness, Moxie’s clear-PEP® UV PC and AIR-board® product lines can be modified and tailor fit to any project.

West General Acoustics can guide you through all aspects of technical and design implementation with Moxie Surfaces’ range of products. Our experienced team can assist you in developing a customized solution that is fully functional, aesthetically impressive, and meets all of your acoustical and design needs.