Stacked Wood Walls

Panelized Wood Wall System

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Product Features

Environmental / Safety

  • Wide variety of styles and wood species
  • Comes in semi-random interlocking panels that don’t require a millworker to install
  • One of the least expensive and fasted ways to add wood to a product
  • Exterior lines not panelized, but treated with heat/pressure instead of chemically to create a sustainable and durable product, with a 25 year warranty
  • UV resistant coating
  • Substrate made from post-industrial wood waste
  • Treated with low VOC natural oil
  • No varnish or oil wastage in production process

Wood is a unique material, adding a complex and warm effect to any space. Stacked Wood offers a unique blend of consistency and low price with their decorative wall panels. The wide array of designs and textures are the result of a meticulous, tightly controlled and streamlined mass production process. Please visit their website for documentation, product images, and more. Get inspired!