SanFoot Wood Veneer

Flexible Real Wood Veneer

Product Features

Environmental / Safety

  •  Only 0.2mm, 300% thinner than standard veneer without losing durability
  • Can be wrapped around even 90 degree corners without cracking
  • Sustainable and easy to install
  • Can be microperforated and wrapped around a fiberglass panel for sound absorption
  • Over 100 different species available
  • Can do all standard veneer cuts
  • Can match stains
  • Can be printed on digitally
  • Inlays available
  • Can do recon veneers that accurately resemble more expensive species
  • Uses less wood than nearly any other wood product due to how thin the cut is
  • FSC member
  • US Green Building Certified

SanFoot is a real wood veneer wallcovering with combined features unlike any other wallcovering. SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer Wallcovering is suitable for all residential and commercial applications, and adorns the walls of many of the finest establishments in the world. It’s natural beauty, hard-wearing finishes, and ease of installation makes SanFoot an ideal choice. It has the ability to perfectly match the wall finishes with adjacent architectural millwork and installs easily around tight corners, giving you a turnkey wood solution. Please visit their website for documentation, product images, and more.